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As a certified systemic coach and consultant, I help executives and their teams navigate through periods of significant change. Typically, my clients are confronted with the fact that their technical skills no longer suffice to master roles of increased responsibility. Instead, effective communication, targeted networking and sophisticated leadership skills become the main drivers for success.

This paradigm shift from technical to social skills can be a substantial threat for many promising careers and may even impact leadersĀ“ private lives.

Experience paves the way for future success

My clients benefit from my 25 years management and leadership experience in Marketing, Sales, General Management, Human Resources and Talent Management. I headed up local, regional and global teams of more than 1.000 employees worldwide in leading multinational pharmaceutical companies. During my corporate career I lived and worked in six countries throughout Europe and in the US and led projects in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Based on this experience, I can easily connect with my clients and provide coaching and consulting support. Since I managed most leadership situations myself during my corporate career, I can help executives discover the root causes of their challenges very quickly. From there, my clients explore effective, suitable and sustainable solutions. As a result, my clients benefit from continued professional success and quality of life.
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